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Give Your Feet Some Pampering! 

We put our feet in high demands ever single day. Studies show, each individual will walk appx 10,586 steps by the end of their normal lifetime. If that is true each of us will walk the circumference of the earth 4.5 times from one pole to the other. As you walk throughout your busy day, the pressures build up on our feet and this will exceed your natual body weight. Imagine your body weight dragging your down! Consider these small facts and take time to regularly get off your feet. Lets consider everything they do for us, and give them a little loving back! At Studio 406 Salon we make it easy with some highlighted services chosen by our clients; to give the utmost satisfaction and care your feet deserve!




Studio's Signature Pedicure :  (90min)

"Ultimate retreat in moisture, rejuvination, and recovery for the feet."

 Service Includes: Hydrating Foot and Rejuvinating soak, Organic Professional Grade Foot Scrub, Exfoliation from the knees down, Deatiled Callus Refining, Refreshing Mask**, Signature OPI Leg, Hand,  and Foot MASSAGE, Warm towels, Detailed Cuticle Refining, and garunteed perfectly polished toes.    


**(mask may be switched for paraffin depending on season)   

The "Chic" Pedicure  (50 Min)

You will feel in heaven with this relaxing pedicure service! Best service for a little 'TLC' 

This service begins with a gentle professional grade sugar scrub, detailed callus refine, leg exfoliation (removing 3 layers of dead skin), generous lotion application, detailed cuticle work, and to end it all a set of gorgeous toes!!

SERVICE PRICE: $60.00      

"On The Go" Pedicure (30 min)                

 This VERY QUICK pedicure service is perfect for that lady on the go. Whether it be meeting girlfriends, picking up kids, or on a lunch break we have you covered! Your legs and feet will be exfoliated to 'baby soft' removing 3 layers of dead skin! Followed by a deep conditioning with our organic products. Then there will be detailed cuticle care and callus refine, and ending in beautiful toes 

SERVICE PRICE: $50.00    

Shellac Pedicure 

Service Includes: Organic professional grade sugar scrub, callus refining, warm towels and mask, Signature OPI foot, hand, and leg massage, Detailed Cuticle care and the renowned SHELLAC POLISH.

BEST PART: You can put your shoes on after this service without hurting your polish! We here at Studio 406 Salon garuntee your toes 6-8 weeks with no chipping in our gelpolish brands!



You can also recieve Shellac toes by themselves, for the lady that doesnt have alot of time but still wants to be pampered.



Shellac Pedicure (60 min )

Shellac toes before and after


Clinical Pedicures ARE AVAILABLE  (60 min+)     

What to expect during a Clinical service:

  • we completely clean and exfoliated
  • we use disinfectable and one time use poducts
  • attention will be paid specifically to tender toenails
  • thorough foot inspection for any medical concerns will be noted
  •  TOE BANDS** may be applied if needed
  • toe nails will be filed and clipped
  • calluses will be gently softened, exfoilated, and removed

PLEASE BE AWARE: If during our foot inspection we find something of concern we may recommend that you see a physician.

Toe bands help in the prevention of ingrown toe nails please call ahead to order and book**